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When working with the herbs, the call was made to create a blend to boost immunity. Which botanicals wanted to play in this arena? After much research and testing we came up with two blends. One was potent enough but had elements that may interfere with blood pressure treatments. So we offer a second blend, still potent, but without affecting blood pressure. 

       Eligioimmu - Chosen, or I choose - immunity                                       Antiquirio -  Ancient

Eligioimmu Elixir
Immune Booster
formula 1

Do not take with high blood pressure

Antiquirio Elixir
Immune Booster 
formula 2

Safe with high blood pressure

Formula 1 Botanicals:​​

  • Cordyceps militaris* 

  • Uncaria rhychopyllum - Chinese Cat's Claw

  • Uncaria tomentosa - Cat's Claw

  • Licorice  - Glycyrrhiza spp.

  • Isatis leaf and root - Isatis indigotica

  • Polygonum cuspidatum

Formula 2 Botanicals:

  • Ashwagandha - Withania somnifera 

  • Coptis chinensis 

  • Rhodiola rosea 

  • Juniper Berry - Juniperus communis 

Botanicals have been used for hundreds of years by all cultures. The ones included here have been chosen for their abilities to assist the body to more easily maneuver the many paths it traverses during life…and each of the herbs willingness to ‘play well together’ to create a potent, energetic synergy.  


The physical properties of each of these botanicals have been researched extensively and may include properties such as:


  • antiviral

  • antibacteria

  • antifungal

  • anti-endotoxic

  • anti-inflammatory 

  • enhanced focus and cognitive abilities

  • sleep

  • skin health

  • and more



The physical properties of all the herbs, research, benefits and contraindications are easily found on the internet or books. Dr. Axe is a good place for easy to understand info. Dr. Stephen Buhner's books  Herbal Antivirals and Herbal Antibiotics are more scientific and have extensive references (click here                                   to view on Amazon).


However, we focused on the energetic effects of the combined tinctures. Each herb was tinctured individually then combined in specific ratios in order to produce the energetic response we were looking for.


Since the physical body follows the blueprint of the energetic body, in order to heal, we need unrestricted energy flow. Clearing blockages and constrictions in the energy channels, is not unlike straightening the kinks in electrical wiring. As energy flows freely, the physical body is fed and able to heal. There will be more on this as blogs are posted.

The herbs used are organic or ethically wildcrafted. Some take months to prepare such as Chinese Cat's Claw, and some are cold percolated and finished off in a few days. Each botanical has been researched and 'consulted' intuitively in order to produce an end product that is powerful but not forced. More about the processes and energetic intelligence will be detailed as we blog about each each herb and the resulting tincture.

* only 100% organic fruiting bodies -


The statements within this website have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have questions or concerns please consult your physician.

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