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Skin Care

Infused Soaking Salts
Outdoor Spa

All skincare regimens begin with soaking. Warm waters cleanse not only the body, but the mind and emotions as well.

Adding Dead Sea or Himalayan Crystal salts infused with relaxing or stimulating essential oils take the ritual to a higher level.

The infused salts may be added to a bath for full immersion, a foot bath for tired aching feet, or sprinkled on the shower floor. As the fragrant oils release and fill the room,  a simple bath is turned into a blissful spa retreat.

Scrubs, Exfoliants

The secret to glowing skin, besides great nutrition and restful sleep, is regular exfoliation.

The skin naturally renews itself every 28 days. Old dead cells should fall off as healthy glowing skin surfaces. Sometimes, things get backed up and the old cells pile up. The skin begins to look dull, rough and dry. 

Exfoliating regularly, whether mechanically with salt or sugar scrubs, or chemically (enzymatically) using glycolic or other acids, helps keep the process moving smoothly.

We offer a deliciously fragrant salt scrub, using extremely fine, soft Himalayan salt powder, coconut and jojoba oil.  The final product is infused with essential oils leaving the skin soft, moisturized and delightfully scented.

Best used on moist, hydrated skin during bath or shower. Can be used on face as well as body.

For Eyes and Face

No regimen is complete without protecting your radiant new skin. 

Our Vitamin C & Cucumber Eye Gel is an aloe based, botanically rich soothing gel, not only for the delicate eye area, but anywhere there is red, irritated skin. 

The botanicals and nutrients soak in instantly to detox and heal.  A film forming property seals the nutrients in, and protects the skin from outside marauders.

Light, rapidly absorbed, healing, light fresh cucumber aroma.

Person using facemasks
Oil Massage

Carrier oils such as almond, apricot, grape seed, olive and many more are not only for massage or moisturize the skin, but are perfect for removing makeup and cleansing the face. There are more carrier oils than you can imaging and most have incredible properties of healing, conditioning and soothing skin.


My favorite is White Camilla Seed Oil from Japan (the Geisha's tried and true go to) It is clear, odorless, light weight and easily absorbed. It does not irritate my eyes as other makeup removers or cleansers can. It is great as a night time moisturizer after a shower if not using a heavier serum.

I love maracuja (passionfruit) at bedtime for its light fragrance and sedative properties, and...well I could go on and on.Join our Oil of The Month program to explore these treasures.

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