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Himalayan Crystal Salt. A very different salt and experience from all other salts. Edible, nourishing and healing inside as well as outside the body Our detox blend is perfect for long soaks during detox days. 


Dead Sea Salt, with its bitter taste (inedible) and 35+ minerals, is perfect for aches, pains, skincare and sleep. Different (essential oils) blends will be offered periodically or can be customized upon request.


  • Dancer's and Athletes -assists with muscle and joint relief, as well as healing damaged skin (great for soaking the feet).    Dead sea salt, essential oils of frankincense, palo santo and desart marjoram 
  • Himalayan Detox - Himalayan crystal salt with essential oils of juniper, fennel and lemon
  •  Love Yourself - a wonderfully fragrant blend of bulgarian rose, night blooming jasmine and french lavender infused into a combination of dead sea and himalayan crystal salts

Infused Soaking Salts

  • Essential oils and salts go together like bread and butter. The salt adds to, binds with and enhances the aromas and effects of the oils. Whether using as a full tub bath (my favorite), shower salt, foot bath or smelling salt (yes, you can carry the bottle in your purse or car and can enjoy and benefit from the aromas anywhere, anytime), aromatically infused salts have withstood the test of time.

  • 8 oz/227 gram bottles

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