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Getting To Know The Botanicals

What are you searching for? Are you wanting some magic potion to heal a condition, make you feel better, take those wrinkles away, help you loose weight?
The plant kingdom has the ability to help with all of the above, and more...but you have to ask nicely. 
Working with botanicals is a partnership. A respect that you earn by respecting them, and working with them in a balanced relationship.

Where the plants are grown and their preferred sources of nourishment is critically important. Plants grown in their native habitat produce the most potent compounds for their species. When they are grown in an unnatural habitat, whether in a garden with unbalanced soil, chemically modified water and climate, or worse, hydroponically where they are fed chemicals and are not able to magnetize to themselves the nutrients they need, they will not produce the potent chemicals compounds that are so healing for humanity.  How they are harvested, transported, and processed all contribute to their ability to present you with the compounds that are most beneficial. 
Everything has consciousness, everything is alive and expressing. When you make an effort to understand and support the natural world, it will support you.

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