Botanically Based Skincare, Aromatics & Exploration

The products we put on our skin should be chosen just as judiciously as the produce we select at the market. Learn to use your senses and intuition instead of relying solely on thoughts and analytics when choosing products. Your body does communicate with you and will let you know what it prefers.

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Aloe Vera

Creams, lotions, and some gel products have a water component, and an oil component. As these do not mix naturally,  an emulsifier is required to keep them from separating. There is also a preservative requirement if not using right away, as water gives life to bacteria, molds and fungus. The gels and washes offered here are formulated for us by Rainshadow Labs in Oregon. They use 90% or more natural/organic ingredients and are FDA approved for skincare products

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​​Products without a water phase do not need preservatives for the most part, and have a long shelf life if stored properly (cool, dry, dark).

Formulas using essential and carrier oils can be simple or complex, depending on the desired result. Body oils are usually simple with few ingredients, whereas serums can have 25 or more ingredients and are quite well as expensive.

The best way to choose any product is by testing it yourself. Experience the sight, smell, touch and feel of each product and see what your body thinks.  


This is easily done through the Essential Oils Classes, where we experience quantities of essential as well as carrier oils. 

Periodically, sample boxes will be made available for purchase. 

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